Here we go. This is when all the delusional Twi-Hard truthers still holding on to the conspiracy theory that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are secretly married and raising two children on a farm in Montana yell “I TOLD YOU SO” at those of us who live in the real world. As if they needed the encouragement. 

The rumours that Robsten are #unbroken forever have been reignited because multiple fans claim to have spotted RPattz and KStew together at a bar in the Silver Lake neighbourhood of LA on February 11th. It started with this tweet: 

Dammit, Leah. If there was any chance of this ridiculous conspiracy going away like those blasphemous theories that Beyoncé was never really pregnant with Blue Ivy or that dude from One Direction is pretending to raise a fake baby OR that Demi Lovato has a twin sister she locked in a basement her whole life, (OK, that one is actually hilarious – long live Poot Lovato!), it died with this alleged Robsten meetup. 

Another fan, Talia, co-signed the sighting and promised that it really did, in fact, happen. 

Dammit, Talia. From there, a few more fans claim they saw Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart acting like “two friends hanging out a bar.” My favourite things on the Internet today are the frantic replies to these fan sighting tweets. A sample of the hysterics: So Kristen and Rob were talking to each other?? They were alone or with friends? Did you see Rob and Kristen together? Laughing together?

BUT WERE THEY LAUGHING? I’m dying. First of all, I don’t believe that a bunch of millennials were in a bar watching their “high school Twilight fantasies” play out and didn’t take a single picture. Second, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart haven’t been photographed together since 2012. As far as we can tell, they didn’t stay friends but IF this even really happened, the narrative that they are “just friends” is not going to fly with the Twi-Hard truthers. They’ve probably added another baby and two more secret jam-making businesses to their Robsten Montana fantasy by now. 

A few alleged fan sightings does not mean this reunion actually happened but the whispers have gotten loud enough that one of their reps is going to have to address these rumours. The Daily Mail says they have already reached out for comment. Other outlets will follow suit. What are the Twi-Hard truthers going to say when their beloveds shoot this sh-t down? They’ll probably say that they’re lying just to protect their privacy and the privacy of their imaginary, secret children. OK, if that’s the case, why were they out in public AT A BAR full of people in the first place? WHY? Better question: why am I trying to rationalize with these delusional stans?  

Finally, our site manager Emily wants to make it very clear that Kristen Stewart was spotted with her “actual lover,” Stella Maxwell, on February 6th. Then, five days later, Robsten reunited in LA and went back to their Montana farm to raise their babies in peace. Sure.  Photos of Kristen and Stella are attached below.