In today’s site open, I wrote about Louis Vuitton and the tenth anniversary of Nicolas Ghesquière’s reign as Artistic Director of Women’s Collections. Before LV though, Nicolas was at Balenciaga for a long, long time and is widely credited for reviving the brand. 


It was at Balenciaga where Nicolas and Kristen Stewart collaborated. They’d met a few years before that but she became an ambassador for the house during his stewardship and when he left Balenciaga, she signed with Chanel, which is why she can never rep LV but the two remain close. I’m always curious though, now that Kristen, with her stylist Tara Swennen, has really found her style groove, what it would be like today, over a decade later, if she were to partner once again with Nicolas. Not that Chanel isn’t doing anything for her – unlike other Chanel ambassadors, KStew + Chanel is a great combination, and she and Tara have been able to blend her unique personal vibe with Chanel pieces, to great success. 


Chanel wasn’t the showcase of her outfit at the premiere of Love Lies Bleeding last night. She didn’t actually wear much to the premiere – just a bodysuit and jacket by the upcycle brand BETTTER with sheer tights and Chanel shoes. 


An outfit like this is a choice, an intention to make a statement. This is a fashion stunt. She is there TO BE SEEN. Because there’s no point in picking this bodysuit if you’re not going to commit to it, and she is committing. She is wearing the sh-t out of it. With a goal: to draw as much attention to Love Lies Bleeding as she can. It’s what she did on the cover of Rolling Stone, it’s what she’s done with every subsequent interview in support of the film, and it’s what she’s doing here with the bodysuit. Look at me, I am in this movie, you can see more of me in this movie. I believe in this movie, and I will do everything I can to make sure the word gets out. 

In other Kristen-adjacent news, Lionsgate Television confirmed this week that they’re pitching a Twilight animated series based on the books by Stephenie Meyer. And I was today year’s old when I learned, as I read the Variety article reporting on this news, that Stephenie Meyer actually released Midnight Sun in 2020, which was the first Twilight book but written from Edward Cullen’s perspective. I read the Twilight books when they came out and I’ve always known about Midnight Sun but it fell off my radar once the Twilight phenomenon had abated. Anyone out there read it? How was it?