Like I said in the previous post about Lady Gaga, Oscar nomination voting begins this Thursday so this is the time for contenders, especially the ones on the bubble, to get out there and make their case. Kristen Stewart, a few weeks ago, was not thought to be on the bubble. Along with Nicole Kidman, almost every Oscar expert was convinced she’d make to the final five – and then the Screen Actors Guild announced their nominations and she was the shock snub. 


Kristen has been in New York the last couple of days and last night appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote Spencer and her performance. Stephen opened by asking her about the pandemic, because she’s not been on his show in quite a long while, so she talked about all the things she’s been doing to occupy her time … and one of the things she listed was that she GOT A HOLE-IN-ONE. 

I don’t usually get frustrated with Colbert for his interviews but this is one of the few times that I was shouting at him through my laptop because he pretty much skipped over that and went onto something else. No follow-up questions! Obviously Colbert does not golf. 

OK, I know, I know, and I can see Sarah rolling her eyes and telling me how boring golf is… but …seriously… do you know how hard it is to get a hole-in-one? Pro golfers have a 3000 to one shot at it. For amateurs it’s at least triple that, if not more. I’ve been playing golf for almost 20 years, I’ve never had a hole-in-one. Jacek, my husband, has been at it for 35 years – and he plays A LOT – and it’s never happened for him. I need more details on this KStew hole-in-one!


Like, where was it? What course? Does she have it on video? What club did she use? Where did the ball land before it rolled in?! You know who would have asked these questions? Jason Bateman and Will Arnett. They’re obsessed with golf and mention it often on the Smartless podcast. If Kristen was on with them they would have spent half an hour on the hole-in-one alone, then pausing to explain the sport to Sean Hayes. 

Anyway, the golf thing actually might work for the Oscar Academy voting body as a whole, considering how many of them are old white men. The nominees, however, are decided by the acting branch of the Academy. And I’m not sure how effective this golf anecdote will be with that cohort. Speaking of old white men who golf, If I were Kristen’s agent, I’d call Larry David and ask if there’s an opportunity for her to guest star on Curb Your Enthusiasm. A lot of sh-t on Curb happens on the golf course because Larry, in real life, is an avid golfer. Kristen would be GREAT on Curb. 


About the Oscar voters and the acting branch though, later on in the interview, Colbert does ask Kristen about being on the awards circuit and hanging out with her peers and other contenders. She mentions Kirsten Dunst, who she’s known for a long time. And then shares that after doing a long Zoom call with Nicole Kidman recently, Nicole sent her flowers. This is what I’ve been saying over the last couple of weeks about how the Oscars might break from the SAGs in Kristen’s case – because it's a smaller pool of actors, many of whom have worked with Kristen, considering she’s been doing this for so long. As she tells Colbert, she was ten years old when she first met Nicole Kidman, because Nicole was initially cast in Jodie Foster’s part in Panic Room. Actors who are Academy members could generally be more receptive to Kristen’s work and personality than the SAG 10,000+ membership body. 

Can we talk about her clothes now since you probably don’t want to talk anymore about golf? I love this outfit. I love the black ribbon detail that looks like a loosened bowtie around her neck. And my GOD these Chanel shoes. 




Also attached - Kristen out in New York today.