Kristen Stewart was in Seoul yesterday for the Chanel Metiers d’Art show. I love everything about this look. I love the length of her hair right now. I love the bright green eyeliner. I don’t know if hers is liquid but they’re coming out with really fun neon liquids right now that don’t cake and split as much as they used to. Last week I wore neon pink on my lids and they really f-cking popped – almost too much, at least on me, because I don’t really have eyelashes, so I had to have false ones put on just to balance out the eye. And the liner lasted all day. 

Also, as you can see, her eyebrows appeared to be bleached or blonded out with product. She actually did this for the Met Gala too but it wasn’t as remarkable because the colour (orange/yellow) was meant to stand out above the white stripe, which is a thing I also want to try at some point: 


You know who else was at the Met Gala? Stella Maxwell. Kristen and Stella only broke up last fall. Almost immediately after, Kristen was seen with her new (still current?) girlfriend Sara Dinkin who she’s been dating steadily for the last 5 months. But a couple of weeks after the Met, Kristen and Stella went out for dinner. This shot was taken May 20: 


Kristen’s gone back and forth between girlfriends before. A source told Us Weekly, however, that Stella says that she and Kristen are “just friends”. Kristen and Sara haven’t been papped together since before the Met Gala though. Coincidence or conspiracy? 

Finally, let’s talk about her nails in Seoul. Vogue is calling this the “summer’s must-have manicure”. I cosign this because I’ve been doing the multi-colour manicure for a few weeks now and I can’t stop. 


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As you can see on Kristen, you can’t really go wrong. It’s amazing when you stay within the same lane and change the shades and it’s just as amazing when you go with a full-on clash of yellows and blues and reds and blacks and whatever. I’ve decided my next one is going to be a gradient of yellow to brown. Dark brown on the pinky, rusty on the ring finger, bright orange on the middle, yellow on the index, and a tan/nude on the thumb. You into it?