Dear Gossips,    

What’s the song of the summer so far? Not sure how your feeds are looking but in my circles it’s Kylie Minogue’s “Padam Padam”. This is Kylie’s first top 10 hit in the UK in over a decade. It’s been blowing up on TikTok for a month now. And if you’ve been on social media these last few weeks since the song’s release, I’m sure you’ve seen the memes. “Padam” has now taken over queer vocabulary…which, as we all know, is where it often begins before we all start talking the same way.


As Kylie said herself, “People are hilarious. It’s become a noun, a verb, an adjective”. And she’s not wrong. In the 2SLGBTQ+ community, people are greeting each other with “Padam”. And they’re leaving on a “Padam”. If your outfit is fire it’s “Padam”. “Padam Padam” just in time for Pride. 

For Kylie, it’s her biggest moment since “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” which is still, alllll these years later, a f-cking bop. We will never tire of “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” and the same will probably be true of “Padam Padam”.


So Kylie, at 55 years old, has done it again…even though BBC Radio 1 for whatever reason doesn’t have “Padam Padam” on its playlist, prompting some to accuse them of ageism. A spokesperson for Radio 1 has denied that age has anything to do with the song not being in regular rotation, explaining that, “Each track is considered for the playlist based on its musical merit and whether it is right for our target audience, with decisions made on a case-by-case basis.”

Um, sorry. Your target audience presumably likes pop music, right? So how is it that a straight up banger isn’t on the list?! 

Anyway, whatever. It’s not like Kylie is bothered. “Padam Padam” is doing just fine without Radio 1. Kylie’s in the club, Kylie’s at the gym, we’re listening to Kylie on the subway, in the kitchen, in the studio, Kylie is everywhere. And also in New York where she’s been performing and making the talk show rounds this week. Yesterday she stepped out in a black sparkly drapey set with high boots – just about the most Kylie outfit ever. Padam. 

Yours in gossip,