Technically what Lady Gaga is wearing here isn’t spandex, I don’t think. But you get my point. And I know the spandex and heels look isn’t new – the Kardashians, for instance, are often out in leggings, sports bras, and stilettos – but Gaga is taking it out the atmosphere here with her white platforms and bike shorts. 


Not many would, and it’s not like you can actually wear these gym clothes to the gym with these extremely unsuitable-for-the-gym sky-highs but … Gaga is also onto something, if you consider the aesthetic. 

Because, of course, a form-fitting piece of clothing, like bike shorts, contour the body and enhance shape. And if we’re talking about the glute area, your ass pops more in heels. It’s mechanics. When you elevate from the toe, you activate your leg muscles, a natural ass-lift. Gaga has a great ass. She’s obviously feeling her ass. So if this was the outfit she decided on for yesterday, knowing there’s an audience waiting for her to head out of the building, she’s going to give that ass its best angles and, well, as uncomfortable as they may be, and potentially dangerous, these boots are going to give ass way better than sneakers. 

Not that Gaga doesn’t have her sneakers at the ready. Also attaching photos of Gaga in a track suit and sneakers after the show last night. Which makes sense. Following a two hour performance, Gaga chose comfort.