No surprise, Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas, is issuing ultimatums to her and Harry about them reaching out to him and his relationship with the press. I wonder if anyone in those newsrooms ever considers not taking his call? (Cele|bitchy) 


I’m going to have nightmares about this. Imagine looking in the mirror, and then realising….oh sh-t, something else is behind this. And when you go to see, it’s actually not just, whatever, a nail or something…but A WHOLE ASS OTHER HOME!? This is a horror movie. I would move. I would not want, no f-cking way. (Dlisted) 

As we know, Lady Gaga is in Rome to shoot a new movie about the Gucci family. Pretty sure this outfit isn’t for the film but for the shoes, it totally could be – a classic white suit, timeless, could belong to any era. And she’s wearing it beautifully. I don’t know how she’s wearing it upright considering those shoes, but she’s wearing it beautifully. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Umm…yeah… I’m watching the sh-t out of this show. You know why? This was my daydream growing up. And, sometimes, it’s still my daydream. I wanted to be this girl. Olivia Liang is playing her. Which means my new daydream is reliving my youth as Olivia Liang as Nicky Shen, OMG. KUNG FU! (Pajiba) 


I’d never heard of Julia Turshen until I was looking for a meatless lasagna recipe a couple of years ago and came upon her “nice lasagna” which I now make at least once a month and I love it so much. Also loved reading her How (She) Gets It Done feature and especially what she says at the end about questioning people who make you feel like cooking is complicated. Because that is my whole beef – cookbooks and recipes that assume that you should know sh-t or have sh-t lying around. Some of us still don’t know the names of things that “should be” in the kitchen, OK? Her lasagna recipe wasn’t intimidating to me, and her approach to food isn’t intimidating and I appreciate her so much for this. (The Cut)