Michael K is totally right – of course he is – about Lady Gaga’s accessory looking like a turkey and I didn’t notice it until I read his post. BUT. I’m still into this look. So much more than her Golden Globes look. Because this tuxedo dress is beautiful. It’s so good on her. The fit is perfect on her. And that “turkey” is exactly the kind of weirdo drama she can pull off. Please let it be more of this vibe than the Globes vibe on Sunday at Critics’ Choice. (Dlisted) 

Allison Williams is wearing two coats. I’m not mad at it. The coat-doubling doesn’t overwhelm her. But I wish there were some other colours happening here. Or at least one pop of colour somewhere. Just to distinguish all of it some more. Just to make it clear that she is indeed deliberately wearing two coats. I mean if you’re going for a two coat look, or “lewk”, why not go all the way hard? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Lindsay Lohan says she’s changed. And perhaps she has. As she says, it’s been 10 years. It’s time to move on and she’s been trying to. You know what hasn’t changed though? She once said she wanted to win an Oscar by the time she was 30. And now she’s saying she wants to work with Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg. Goals are important. So let’s see her show her work. Let’s see how she executes the business plan. Let’s see the strategy unfolding. (Cele|bitchy) 

Matt Damon bought the most expensive condo in Brooklyn. It used to be three separate units. Now it’s a penthouse, multi-floor. He has four children. They need the space. Interestingly, Emily Blunt and John Krasinsky live just a few floors down in the same building. I would totally want to live in the same building as my best friend Fiona. (OMG Blog) 

You heard about the baby with the amazing hair? On Instagram? Now she’s a hair model. She’s one. I can’t wait to see how this is going to work. Is she marketing hair products to other babies? Or to adults? Am I watching her commercials and saying to myself that buying that shampoo will give me that baby’s hair? I had that baby’s hair. I was that baby! Why didn’t my mother get me a hair contract!? (The Cut) 

Thank you for your emails about Surviving R Kelly. Many of you have asked whether or not we’ll be covering it on the site. Here in Canada, the series is not widely accessible. I’ve seen some of it but I haven’t watched it from start to finish. Also, this is such a big topic, and writing about it requires – demands – more attention than an hour or so during the day. I need some time to think on it. To learn more. To learn from others. I think that’s the point of telling these stories: to interrogate, to reflect, to deprogram, even. Duana and I are trying to find a way to address it on Show Your Work as well. While we try to figure all of that out, here’s an essay by the always thoughtful, always excellent Angelica Jade Bastien that I’ve been coming back to repeatedly over the last few days. She writes that Surviving R Kelly is “a necessary awakening” but she also wonders if it “asks the wrong questions”. (Vulture)