We’ve been thirsting here at LaineyGossip for LaKeith Stanfield now for a while, he’s so f-cking hot. And also offbeat. And super cool. And if there was anyone who could actually pull off the title of The Most Interesting Man in the World, it would be him. There’s no way to get a read on him. He’s never just one thing. Or two things. He has the talent of a so-called “prestige” actor but he’s not above doing rom-coms. He can transition back from rom-coms to weird indie sh-t. He is as comfortable in auteur features as he is in blockbusters. You get the sense that he’s up for whatever. You know who else is like that? Keanu Reeves. Right? LaKeith and Keanu! LaKeanu! Somebody put this movie together!!!

Anyway, LaKeith is currently promoting The Photograph, co-starring Issa Rae, coming out on Valentine’s Day. (Side note to Cineplex theatres in Canada: PLEASE PLAY THIS MOVIE AT VIP THEATRES. Let me enjoy my Valentine’s movie in a leather recliner with food service at the seat, goddamn it!)! This is the content I came here for. Issa and LaKeith falling in love, probably formulaically, with hot kisses, and lots of lingering kiss shots. And a moment at the end of the second act where my stomach feels like it’s being ripped out because the lovers are being torn apart, either over a misunderstanding or because one of them “can’t do this”, building to a grand declaration near the end. As Kathleen would say, INJECT IT INTO MY VEINS!

Yesterday he was on Kimmel, talking about the movie, talking about going to modelling school, wearing a bizarre blazer with a dollar bill in place of a pocket square and also openly declaring that he wants to play Joker. 

Five minutes ago I had no interest any other Joker movie, we’ve had enough Joker for a decade. Now I’m like, yep, make this happen, DC. LaKeith Stanfield is your Joker. He should be the Joker for Robert Pattinson’s version of Batman. It’s the best idea ever. Are they listening? If they’re listening and not paying attention they’re stupid. 

You know the best part of this is? When Jimmy asks LaKeith whether or not he was bummed out when Joker came out last year because it would mean that he might have to wait a while before he gets his chance, his response is perfect. Watch the video below. And then spend Valentine’s Day with Issa and LaKeith. That’s where I’ll be.