Lana Del Rey’s mask is not a mask. But it’s so Lana Del Rey to wear this mask and then be upset over criticism of her mask. (Celebitchy) 

Chris Evans telling Donald Trump about himself on Twitter was very, very good but it wasn’t the best celebrity tweet of the night. That distinction, of course, belongs to Patti LuPone. Who else would know better? PS “Covita” is also very, very good. PPS. America! VOTE HIM OUT! (Dlisted) 


How’s your mask collection? If you’re not using disposable masks, you know you should be washing them regularly, right? I keep a box of disposals in the car, just in case, and I also have a few permanent ones in laundry rotation that I’m quite happy with. All of my masks are black based with some sort of design from the BTS logo (obviously) to Off-White, the label, to my initials. I do not, however, have a silver lamé mask and now I’m considering it. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Claudia Conway, daughter of Kellyanne, has emerged as a political source during these f-cked up times which… a 15 year old on TikTok is giving us scoops, this is our world now. My favourite tweet from last night’s mess was the one that read “every teen drama I’ve ever watched has prepared me to trust Claudia Conway more than any elected official”. (Pajiba) 

I am very excited to read this story about Vanilla Ice, by Vanilla, about his rise and fall. And I am also very curious to see if I’ll feel differently about him on the other side. Prediction: no. Wait. Before I make a prediction, I have to actually know how I feel about Vanilla Ice. And … I don’t know how I feel about Vanilla Ice!? (The Ringer)