Dear Gossips,

If you can’t please everyone, who do you choose to please? That was the task for the showrunners of Game of Thrones – and after last night’s episode, “The Bells”, the answer, apparently, is The Spectacle. You indulge The Spectacle. In that sense, Game of Thrones, to me, has become Transformers, basically Michael Bay. 

F-ck storytelling, characters, logic, let’s just make everything go BOOM, with a side order of good old-fashioned mano a mano throwdown. It’s not really what I signed up for but isn’t it too late at this point to give up now? They bargained on people like me sticking it through to the end – and they were right. I will. I’ll be watching on the final Sunday, for sure, as I always intended to; I just never expected to not be all that excited. There’s also one more reason to tune in: Ghost. No, I’m still not over Ghost. I will never be over Ghost! And THEY shouldn’t be over Ghost! Jon shouldn’t be over Ghost!

After what Jon just saw in King’s Landing, after what he’ll now have to do to address what he just saw in King’s Landing, there’s no way he’s ever going back there again. Here’s to Jon returning to the love of his life, the one he’ll always be able to count on, his faithful forever, his direwolf. Let this be the future: Jon Snow is the John Wick of Westeros. 

Sarah’s analysis of “The Bells” is coming up next. 

Yours in gossip,