Friday felt like a gossip classic – a power couple breakup announcement at the end of the week, just before Halloween weekend, in the hopes that people would be preoccupied with their weekend plans and lose interest. But Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have been big interest ever since he took almost two weeks off at the end of August. Shortly after his return, it was reported that he and Gisele had a huge fight and she stormed off. They haven’t lived together ever since and for weeks there’s been speculation about a divorce with leaks coming in steadily about divorce lawyers and settlements, setting the stage for the inevitable. 


So the confirmation on Friday that Tom and Gisele are over wasn’t much of a surprise. The surprise is that they filed for divorce and were able to get signoff on the divorce on the same day. They settled on property and custody ahead of time and they even, according to TMZ, completed a “Parent Education and Family Stabilisation Course”. So it’s all done and handled and the specific details on how they divided their assets will remain confidential which means all the noise that’s been surrounding them these last few weeks should be shutting down. 

About that noise though… 

These two are very private people. And yet there were so many leaks in the media about the breakdown in their marriage – Page Six found out about them hiring divorce lawyers a month ago and I can’t imagine their legal firms are letting this information out and if they are, they wouldn’t be going rogue; it would 100% require signoff and cooperation from their clients. 


Given how quickly this came together then – when there are children and real estate and this much money involved, as we have seen, it can take a while – were the leaks strategic? Were these leaks a message not to the public but to the other party to be all like, I want out, and I’m serious, and you better take this seriously and come to the table and negotiate fairly and efficiently…? 

If so… it worked. Gisele is out. And while I know that they’ve reached an agreement and marriages are between two people and therefore divorces involve two people, it’s been pretty obvious for months now that, for Gisele, this relationship was irretrievably broken. His choices weren’t lining up with how she envisioned their lives together. Her choice was to imagine a different life without him and she is, quite obviously, following through with it. But to be clear, it’s not like she’s never been supportive of his choices. Gisele Bundchen, for years, was on the sidelines, literally, cheering on his choices. We’ll come back to that in a minute. 


The issue, it seems, is that it was always about his choices. And specifically this choice – to retire and then UN-retire. And so far, that choice isn’t working out so good for Tom. The Bucs have lost three straight games, his first three-game losing streak in 20 years. That’s TWENTY YEARS. 

On that note, let’s get to this tweet that went viral and showing up in so many feeds over the last few days which seems timely, considering the season: 


So to go back to Gisele and how much she supported his choices, she put her powers into that support! And he’s talked about it. She did the work to help him do his work! That’s what he said! 

For 13 years, Tom Brady had a good witch on his side. She was an asset to him. An asset who may not have felt valued in the end. Gisele’s not going to go bad witch on the father of her children. But he may no longer be the recipient anymore of her good witch energy.

Tom stepped out this weekend with his kids – you can see those photos at Page Six. Convenient timing, after the announcement, to make sure he’s seen with his children.