Instagram has been up and down, mostly down, all day and now I’m wondering about the economic impact. Not kidding. Businesses and brands depend on Instagram. Pretty sure some people are freaking out. And if they’re not freaking out because the IG outage is affecting their work, they’re freaking out because the outage is affecting their love lives. Because, as we’ve established, Instagram is a dating service now. Back in the old, old days, before Instagram and cell phones, even before call display and before call waiting, people used to have to sit by the phone and wait if they gave someone their number. Instagram being down is when your mother talks to your aunt for an hour so that whoever’s trying to call is getting a busy signal. Right now, no one can check on their traps. Trust me, I know, I work with millennials and all day they’ve been walking around with pinched faces. 

This was not a problem for Lena Dunham last night though. Late last night, Lena Dunham posted this: 


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If you can’t see that because IG isn’t working, here’s a screenshot: 


The most obvious thirst trap ever, right? In bed, with a pussy. Who could miss it? Definitely not Jack Antonoff. Because he left a comment:

“Why are you awake?”

In not-old-people speak that means “what are you doing?” which basically means “what are you wearing?” and if you’re too old to know what “what are you wearing?” means, I can’t help you.

And her response: 

“cuz it’s the prime time to catch you on the gram, four eyes. (smiley face glasses emoji)”


I appreciate the honesty. 

Her boyfriend and his girlfriend wouldn’t. Lena was seen kissing and hugging a dude back in March. Back in March, Jack was with model Carlotta Kohl. If that’s still a situation for either of them, this is going to be hard to explain. And before you come at me with “it was just an innocent comment!”… 

These are the rules of IG. I don’t play them because I’m old too, like you. But for the people who DO play them, they know. They understand how this sh-t works. And when you consider too that there’s history between Lena and Jack, oh they knew exactly what they were doing.

Attached: Lena Dunham at the 'The Boys in the Band' 50th Anniversary Celebration at The Booth Theatre on May 30, 2018 in New York City.