I don’t know if I believe this new round of rumours about Idris Elba and James Bond. They’re just shooting Bond 25 right now. It won’t be out for another year. And it took them a LONG time to even get Bond 25 into production. So … are they really already thinking about the next Bond? Because at this point? Even if we were to entertain the idea of Bond 26, for them to find a director and get a good script into shape, they wouldn’t start shooting until AT THE EARLIEST 2021. And Idris will be 48 years old. You want a Bond who can do at minimum three films for you. That’s a decade. Is this really realistic? (Dlisted) 

Lena Waithe cut her hair. And with women, hair is already such a loaded feature. I have so many unhealthy attachments to my hair from which I can never seem to release myself. For black women, as Kathleen has often written about, the hair conversation is even more complicated. And for a black lesbian, it’s a whole other level. I appreciate how honestly Lena is explaining her relationship with her hair. For some people, it’s *just* hair. For others, it’s never *just* hair. (Pajiba) 
Was it an Australian publication that reported a few week ago that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were done? Aussie gossips aren’t often reliable. And that rumour was put to rest pretty quickly, but just in case you needed any follow-up, they’re together. They’re fine. (TMZ) 

What is the scent of Nick Jonas? Serious question, I really want to know. Derek Hough was on The Social today and he smelled SO good. If he told me it was his own scent, not going to lie, I’d go out and buy it. You know whose fragrance I would never buy? Marky Mark Wahlberg. Nick Jonas though? I feel like Nick Jonas would smell good. Is it just me? (Go Fug Yourself) 
Selena Gomez apparently loves the sauna. How do you feel about the sauna? I hate a sauna. It’s so hard to breathe, how can you stand it! That said, I have a hard time with heat. Well, no, I should clarify: I have a hard time with still heat. If it’s hot but there’s a breeze, like by the water, when you’re on a beach, I’m good. Otherwise, when the hot air is just squatting all around you, I’d faint. Evidently Selena doesn’t have this problem. (Cele|bitchy) 

Do you think that Celine Dion has been “overlooked by the cultural elite”? Well if that’s the case, f-ck the cultural elite. If you cannot appreciate the Queen of All Feelings, especially when she’s in a gold pantsuit, singing every feeling in the rainbow, you can stay up there on your mountain and enjoy your Bon Iver. (The Guardian)