It was just over a year ago that Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone were confirmed to be dating. Last year they spent New Year’s together in Aspen. This year then went to Phuket for a little flashback of The Beach. The Beach (film) turns 20 years old next year. Camila was just 2 years old when it came out. If you date Leonardo DiCaprio, are you expected to have seen all his movies? What’s your call on this? 

Here are some shots of Leo and Camila taken on December 30 that were just released today. Flip through those shots to see Leo and Camila holding hands in the water. I just want to know if you think he would ever date his female physical equivalent. 

Anyway, they were there with ever faithful Lukas Haas and some other friends including, supposedly (according to the paps), billionaire Vlad Doronin who owns the resort. Vlad and Leo have known each other, and partied together, for years. This is the dude, you’ll recall, who dated Naomi Campbell and then allegedly cheated on her with another model. So, you know, Leo’s usual habitat. He knows his share of billionaires. And sometimes those billionaires get into some sh-t. 

You know about the whole mess with Jho Low, right? Last week, The Washington Post reported that Leo gave secret testimony to a grand jury in Washington DC about the money laundering scandal because of how much of that dirty money Jho Low spent on him. Apparently Leo was allowed to gamble on Jho Low’s account at the Venetian in Vegas and he gave Leo a Picasso valued at $3.2 million, in addition to buying Leo the Oscar that Marlon Brando won in 1954. None of this means that Leo had any involvement in the scam, obviously. But it is, once again, a reminder of his lifestyle, of what it’s like in his world. That billionaires are showering him with gifts and free sh-t. 

How does that even work, can you picture it? Hi Leo! Had so much fun last night! Let’s do it again soon, and here’s a Picasso. Hope you like it! 


That would feel so f-cking weird to me, and probably to you. But in their world, I guess, having billionaires sending you million dollar pieces of art or straight up giving you cash like other people would send you flowers or a bottle of wine is their normal. At some point, though, do you know you’re being bought? Or is that what you charge? Like, if you’re Leo, is that the price people have to pay for the pleasure of your friendship? 

Attached - Leo and Camila at Seth McFarlane's Christmas party in December.