Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone haven’t been seen much together over the last couple of months, leading to speculation that perhaps it might have been over. They are not over. They were photographed in New York the other day. But they are approaching a significant date. 


Leo and Camila started dating around the end of 2017. They’d known each other since she was around 12 years old, reportedly introduced by her step-dad Al Pacino. Leo would have been around 35-ish at the time. Camila was 19 in the spring of 2017, when she and Leo met up again in Cannes, just after he split from Nina Agdal. Six months later they were a thing. So they’re into the fifth year of their relationship… 

And it’s her birthday in June. She’ll be 25 years old. You know what that means. Everyone knows what that means, this is basic bitch level gossip: no girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio has remained his girlfriend through her 25th year. They have all aged out of the position. 

So… will Camila make it?!


One thing to remember – the 25th birthday isn’t necessarily a firm deadline. The aforementioned Nina Agdal, for example, turned 25 in March of 2017 when she and Leo were together. They broke up just before the Cannes Film Festival which is in May. So she had a couple of months of being 25 before her girlfriend status expired. Which means there’s precedent for going past the actual 25th birthday, just not anywhere close to the 26th birthday. 

Interesting to consider Cannes though, because Leo does love his time in Cannes. And after all this pandemic time, Cannes is expected to be much closer to full blast than it’s been over the last couple of years. That means yachts and models everywhere. Leo cut out with Nina just before Cannes so he could have a true Cannes experience, or at least his version of it. Now, after two years of quiet Cannes, will Leo want to go back to Cannes with a romantic attachment? Or would he prefer to do it as a single, and catch up on the fresh models who’ve joined the business while he’s been off the market? 


That’s not to say it’s a total guarantee that Camila’s tenure as Leo’s bona fide is coming to an end. They have dogs, and that’s more of a commitment than he’s ever made to anyone else. Also, it’s been during this relationship with Camila that the culture really took to mocking the age threshold with his girlfriends and his thing with models. Taylor Swift even namechecks him in her song “The Man”, which is about sexism and misogyny. None of this has any real-world implications for Leo – it won’t affect his work or his opportunities – but it is embarrassing. He would know it’s not a good look, especially not in 2022. And that too might be some incentive for him to break his own pattern. 

So what are we thinking? Will Camila Morrone be the one to make it to 26?