Gigi Hadid is in Paris for Fashion Week…which is not a surprise; it’s her job to be there. Leonardo DiCaprio was also in Paris for Fashion Week. This too is not a surprise. It’s not his job but it’s his life to be where the models are. Where else would he be? Models are like a Bat Signal for him. 


That said, is he there for ONE model or is he just, like, surveying the models in general? 

Right now the focus is on Leo and Gigi, aka Gigli, and they were seen leaving the same hotel, separately, but the same hotel, leading to more speculation that this is indeed a situationship – and it doesn’t seem like they’re all that mad about people thinking that either. Leo typically does not encourage speculation into his personal life and he’s been around long enough to know that if he shows up where Gigi shows up, people are going to talk. 

But maybe he’d rather that they talk about him with Gigi than talk about his age limit and his decades-long trend of not being in a relationship with a model after she turns 25. Also…ego. Gigi is Gigi. I don’t have to tell you what dating Gigi would do for his reputation in certain circles. He’s probably extra puffy these days as he moves around those circles, bouncing back from being clowned on social media to being linked to Gigi Hadid. She’s the one giving him all this cred. 


As for Leo’s previous model girlfriend who is no longer with him now that she’s older than 25… 

Camila Morrone also happens to be in Paris. As I mentioned last week, Camila is close with all the models that Gigi is close with (Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner). If Camila is unbothered, great. But the possibility for awkwardness is definitely there.