We presumed that Leonardo DiCaprio was isolating with Camila Morrone but we haven’t had confirmation … until now. Leo and Camila stepped out to walk the dog that we knew she was fostering but we can now say that they are fostering. This puppy is SO cute – look at this little baby! Click here to see the photos. 

As Maria wrote a couple of weeks ago in the early phase of lockdown, sure, Leo and Camila were “serious”, by his standards, before the pandemic, but quarantining together is next level. AND fostering a puppy during quarantine together, again by his standards, is that … like… marriage? Don’t scare him!


Fostering, of course, is not adopting. Fostering is amazing, don’t get me wrong. It’s so important to be able to provide a temporary home for animals until a forever home is found for them. In this case, though, where Leo is concerned, what I’m trying to say is that fostering isn’t… permanent. It’s not a permanent commitment. You see what I’m getting at? 

Many people who foster pets, however, end up adopting them. Will Leo and Camila adopt this puppy? If they adopt the puppy, is that a metaphor for something else? Are you laughing at the mere suggestion? Fine. I’ll change it to another question. If they do adopt this sweet boy – looking at his face!....

…who keeps the puppy when Camila turns 25? Will we still be in lockdown when she turns 25? It’s two years away. 


PS. Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that the puppy’s name is Jack?! LOLOLOLOL

PPS. Jack has a sister. Not sure where she was for the walk though.