Last time we checked in with Leonardo DiCaprio it was on Friday and he was in New York for fashion week, because where else would he be, and he and Lorena Rae, a model who’s been seen with him several times this summer, were out at a club and left just minutes apart, getting into the same car.

The next night, Friday, they once again hit up a club. But this time, Leo left with Toni Garrn, his ex-girlfriend two models ago (Kelly Rohrbach and Nina Agdal came after her, in that order) and they left at 5 am holding hands. You can see those photos here. Supposedly Lorena looked pissed when she left with a friend. Understandable but also terribly naïve. She may have hoped she might get bonafided. But… during fashion week? Girl.

As for Toni, she was just 22 when they broke up. She didn’t even get the chance to approach the 25 year old Leonardo DiCaprio age-out requirement. Toni, interestingly, is now 25, the age at which women start to become physically disgusting to Leo. After all, Nina Agdal turned 25 in March. And he terminated her a couple months later. Toni just turned 25 in July. Technically, for her to be a breakthrough, she has to make it until next summer. And he went out clubbing the next night and she wasn’t with him. And it’s still fashion week for a few more days. And, well, she could have been his way of telling Lorena that he appreciated her two month audition but she didn’t get the part. You really do have to be sub-25 to put up with that sh-t.