It’s not the right spelling, since I’m making a Shakespeare reference, but I’m going with it anyway. Leonardo DiCaprio, who once played Romeo, was seen leaving a club in LA the other night with Juliette Perkins. The photo agency initially identified her as his 3 past ex, Toni Garrn, because Leo’s been seen recently with her but according to online authorities, this is actually not Toni, it’s Juliette.

Who is Juliette? Well, she’s a model, obviously. She’s from New Zealand. She was 17 years old in 2015 which means she’s 19 now. Just. She only turned 19 less than a month ago, in September. Which, of course, puts her right in Leo’s sweet spot: legal, but not over 25. Leo, by the way, turns 43 years old in three weeks. And I think we should commend him for always seeking out mentorship opportunities to help the younger generation. If only more older men would do the same, you know? Give attention to young women and protect them in their careers.