You’re not reading an article from 2002, or 2012, or even last year. Or every other year in between. This is new. But not new. Because Leonardo DiCaprio does not deviate from his patterns. And the pattern is that he only dates models and that those models are always under 25.


Leo was at a party the other day, photographed sitting next to model Eden Polani. She is 19 years old. Leo will be 49 this year. People are now assuming, understandably, given his history, that Leo and Eden are a thing. To be fair though, all we have at this point is that they were at Ebony Riley’s release party and side by side at one point. It could have been nothing, right? Totally platonic. They were talking about the climate crisis. 

I mean, at this point it’s probably just a tiny minority who actually believes that but it’s comforting to know that that kind of naivete still exists in this world. Naivete does not, however, exist on Twitter. And once again, just as it was when he broke up with Camila Morrone last summer after her 25th birthday, he is the joke. He’s been a joke for a while now. 


There’s another HBO show getting a mention though. If you know, you know. 


Again, if there was any doubt, Leo and Gigi Hadid came and went after a few weeks. I wonder if Gigi found it embarrassing. As for Leo, I wonder if he thought that dating a 27-year-old for a few weeks was his weak ass attempt at making a point that he would actually be interested in someone over 25. 

Probably not. As I have said before, the culture’s opinion of him doesn’t matter. He is surrounded and upheld by people who would do the same, who want the same. There’s no judgment of Leo coming from the inside. Likely the opposite, in fact. It’s a whole system of encouragement.