For those of you unfamiliar with the Taylor Swift catalogue, that’s a line from her song “The Man”. It goes like this:

“[If I was the man]

And they would toast to me, oh
Let the players play
I'd be just like Leo
In Saint-Tropez”


It’s May. And guess who’s in Saint-Tropez? 

Leonardo DiCaprio is in Saint-Tropez! Right on schedule!

Because it’s been a while since it’s been safe to hang in the South of France on yachts with models. And he must have missed it so much. So here he is, living that yacht life, and I don’t know if those women are actually models but there are women there who look like they could be models. And also some billionaires like Sir Philip Green, since Leo’s also known to ball out with that cohort too. 

As for Camila Morrone, she was last photographed in New York about a week ago and I don’t see her in these shots but maybe she’s sleeping in the cabin, maybe she won’t join Leo until later in the week, maybe she’s busy at work but they text all the time and she doesn’t have to come with him on every trip, right? Her birthday is three weeks from now, she’ll be 25 years old, for sure they’ll celebrate together and stay together long after that. 

For now, Leo is where he belongs at this time of year. French Riviera, on the water, lounging on a yacht, just doing a lot of reading and relaxing, nothing more.