So now something to make you laugh… 

Adam McKay and the cast of Don’t Look Up, which includes Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, and Jonah Hill, have been screening the film ahead of its theatrical release on December 10. A reader called Anna send me a clip from one of the Q&As a few days ago, Adam was talking about the message of the film, and how we are not paying enough attention to climate change, the greatest crisis of our time. And basically how it should be possible to care about multiple things at the same time, including Bennifer. Because he cares too about Bennifer – although his point is that there can’t be an imbalance. Then Leo has a reaction: 



That’s an on-brand reaction from Leo, obviously. And he’s not wrong, of course. But to Adam’s point, and not just because I’m a gossip blogger, we should be informed about the news, we should be actively participating in getting the right information, understanding the issues, and there can also be space for pop culture and the people who are shaping it. Like Leo himself. And Jennifer Lawrence who, you’ll note, is actually a person who cares about Bennifer. 


We know this because we heard it! Back in May, just after the Bennifer reunion was confirmed, JLaw was on a podcast, remember? Click here for a refresher. She reacted to it like everyone else. She’s also super invested in the Housewives and the Kardashians and has been involved in election reform and reproductive rights advocacy and other social justice initiatives. Just like Leo can campaign for the environment and our planet and also know where all the best parties are, from St Bart’s to Beverly Hills. Jen as you can see is sitting right next to Leo when he’s making his faces and hand gestures. I wonder if he knows that she loves celebrity gossip? Of course he does. Celebrities gossip the most about each other.