Filming for Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film is underway in Los Angeles, and this week Leonardo DiCaprio was seen on set rocking a man bun and regrettable facial hair. The film is referred to as “BC Project” and the plot is unknown, but from the facial hair, man bun, and sh-tty car he’s driving in character, we can deduce that Leo is playing a scummy guy. 


I know a lot of people are here for Leo the romantic hero—Titanic and Romeo + Juliet did that to at least one generation—but my favorite Leo mode is “weird guy”. I love it when he plays a weird guy. Calvin Candie? The best worst weird guy. Rick Dalton? Weird actor guy. I wish he played more weird guys. PTA gets me.


You can also see newcomer Chase Infiniti in some of the photos with Leo, and Maya Rudolph was on set, too. Is she in the film, or just visiting PTA? Also on set was Regina Hall, who co-stars in the film. Much less to deduce about her character, but I don’t want to know. Let it be a surprise. PTA’s films never go the direction you expect, being surprised is half the joy of watching. Just know that I am already building my “Regina Hall PTA Oscar campaign” fantasy for 2025. Regina Hall does not have an Oscar! This cannot stand! Maybe the new PTA film can fix that! Seriously, though, I hope Leo appreciates working with THE Regina Hall. Watch Support the Girls