Beyoncé’s first IVYPARKxAdidas collection launched at the beginning of the year. Does January feel like it was less than a year ago? You’ll recall, at the time, all kinds of celebrities were gifted rolling racks, personalised closets, with all the gear and it became a takeover on social media as one by one, celebrities starting showing off that they made the list – from Cardi B to Reese Witherspoon to Diplo, Beyoncé got so much free publicity out of famous people who all wanted to boast about being in Beyoncé’s thoughts. I mean, yeah. Wouldn’t you? 


So what will happen the second time around. Just announced today:

Back in August, Beyoncé was seen leaving a photoshoot for what’s likely the new line. So this isn’t unexpected. What will be interesting to see is if this is an improvement. Because last time, by her standards, the rollout wasn’t at the Beysus level of excellence we’ve come to expect. 


You’ll recall, the website was glitchy, that “waiting room” was a mess, they ran out of product, and, as Duana and I discussed on Show Your Work, that first drop was not size-inclusive. There is no way Beyoncé lets that happen again. I wouldn’t have wanted to be on that call with Adidas’s digital team trying to explain why the online purchase system was unprepared. And also, now that we’ve all been at home for months and living in athleisure – and will be for the foreseeable future – these new clothes, while they were always of the moment, are even more of the mood in these times. Which means…you’d think?... they’ve all put in effort to try and match Beyoncé’s usual perfection for this drop, or drip. 

I hope so. Because last time, f-ck, it was some stress. Sasha, Duana, Kathleen, and I were madly texting whenever the waiting room let us in and then kicked us out. It got to the point that Sasha and I got ourselves out of bed on a Saturday morning, BEFORE THE STORES OPENED, to line up at the f-cking mall because we really wanted the white tracksuit. There will be no going to the mall this time but we’re all on a text thread right now trying to come up with a strategy. 


In the meantime, what’s cracking me up is how many people on Twitter still have waiting room residual PTSD from January. 

And just think, we haven’t even seen the clothes yet. The minute that happens it’ll be mayhem.