The SAG Awards didn’t even used to be a thing. Do you remember this? They were industry-only and non-televised, like the Independent Spirit Awards, until super-recently. But now they’re such a factor they might be accurate predictors of the Oscars in a few weeks’ time… 

…and they have other benefits.  

Okay, not that, not yet – but did you see the cast of Parasite win for best ensemble? 


They’re still mostly being referred to as ‘The Cast of Parasite’, but Lainey had a revelation about Choi Woo-shik that led us to yet another angle on why this South Korean movie making such a big splash is a step forward for the industry in general – plus, how director Bong Joon-Ho is essentially Spicoli from Fast Times At Ridgemont High... or maybe Stifler. 

Then it’s onto Brad Pitt, who rarely makes it onto Show Your Work because, frankly, he rarely lets us see his work. But that’s changing with the kinds of acceptance speeches he’s been giving for his string of Best Supporting Actor wins for Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood


I’d forgotten about that ‘share the raft’ joke. He really is firing on all cylinders…

Which made us wonder whether he’s been working on these speeches beforehand, either alone or with a joke writer? It’s safe to say these aren’t just off-the-cuff remarks, but … maybe that’s actually better? If Brad Pitt knows he’s likely to keep on getting up to win, should he be preparing for those situations? And what can we take from that? 

Then, our personal obsession with all things Beyoncé became a case study on the weekend with the drop of IVYPARKxAdidas.  Yes, we fangirled and texted obsessively and gave Bey more of our money, and it’s not that we regret it at ALL (obligatory ‘don’t send the Beyhive after us’ pause) but… 

Didn’t it seem like some of the bumps in the launch were… uncharacteristic of Beyoncé’s precision brand? Is there any world where this was on purpose or… were there some missteps here? 

First there was the online drop, which trended worldwide and predictably broke the internet… at least for those who were waiting in the undefined limbo of the ‘Waiting Room’. And admittedly, we’re not devoted sneakerheads who obsessively follow each drop, so it’s possible this is just how it goes, and the online frenzy was also possibly (i.e. almost definitely) designed to create more buzz, but did excitement spill over into straight-up frustration?



That’s not even the biggest problem with the IVYPARKxAdidas drop though – tons of devoted Beyoncé fans were devastated to learn the line only went up to size XL, which is particularly surprising given how size-inclusive Beyoncé’s work and brand has been in the past, especially in the stunning costumes for Homecoming, which caught our eye last spring

What gives? Was this a poor business decision? There was a lottttt of attention paid to Ivy Park in the days leading up to the release, but almost none of the Big Orange Boxes were sent to plus-size celebs …  

Was that intentional because the pieces weren’t going to work for everyone? Was the sizing exclusion due to the fact that the pieces were designed to be unisex and thus oversized? 

Some customers have said the sizing is not as clear as it should be, and/or and that some plus–size bodies can be accommodated (please, please enjoy 20:50 in the first video where my new favourite Amina Cocoa discovers one of the sweatshirt’s features)….


…but why should it have been so complicated in the first place? 

Let us know your thoughts, including whether you got involved in this or other high-stress online ordering, or whether you’re laughing at us… possibly deservedly. 

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