Earlier this month, Sarah wrote about Steven Yeun exiting Thunderbolts, Marvel’s Villain team-up movie, due to scheduling and strike delays. When it was first announced that Steven had joined the cast though, she’d already said that for him, it felt like a “lateral move”. At that point in his career, after his Oscar nomination and before he won the Emmy, Steven didn’t necessarily need a Marvel movie to further his potential. 


It's a different story, though, for Lewis Pullman. As reported yesterday, Lewis has been offered the role that was supposed to be Steven’s, and this is definitely not a lateral move for him. This is what he’s been building to. And, yes, once again Sarah was on it first. She did say, after Top Gun: Maverick, that we were sleeping on Lewis Pullman. And thirty seconds into his first scene in Lessons in Chemistry I was like, yeah, that bitch was right. Lewis’s charisma takes you by surprise, it’s a stealth sexiness that just shows up, fully formed. One minute you’re not paying attention and the next minute, you’re fantasising about toweling him down when he’s come home from a run, wtf? 


But how did I miss Lewis at the Critics Choice Awards a couple of weeks ago? Here is in black on black on black. And this appears to be his aesthetic, some kind of western vibe, which he comes by honestly having grown up between California and Montana and “working on cattle farms with his dad” in the summer. 

Oh, his dad? Since I’m a stupid asshole, I was today year’s old when I learned that Lewis’s dad is Bill Pullman who I will love forever because of While You Were Sleeping. No, I did not connect the last names because, again, I’m a f-cking idiot. So, yes, Lewis is a nepo baby but it’s not like he’s 20 and already well into the climb. Lewis is 30 years old and has been steadily working his way up. And even though I’m a moron who missed the fact that he’s Bill’s son, maybe that is due in part to the fact that he hasn’t traded on it in an obvious way? In my mind, he’s Lewis Pullman, underrated in TG:M and super hot in Lessons in Chemistry and next, he’s going Marvel.