I too, like the Fug Girls, am very curious about the rest of Dua Lipa’s outfit. Because I don’t hate what I’m seeing so far. Dresses like these can go budget really quickly with the fit. But all the elements here are holding up really well, the lines are clean, there are no bunches or folds that suggest that it’s about to fall apart. And I really like the chunky chain. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Donald Trump hasn’t conceded, because he’s never not having a suck attack about something, but he is spending his final weeks in the White House pardoning people – and since he’s corrupt as f-ck, of course some of his pardons have been viewed with suspicion if not disgust. There are now rumours that Joe Exotic might get a pardon which… sure… because I think we’re all expecting that level of insanity but at the same time, what can Joe Exotic possibly do for Donald Trump?! (Dlisted) 

For days now people have been talking about that Glenn Close clip where she says Gwyneth Paltrow should not have won the Oscar. I’m all for dragging Gwyneth for her goop bullsh-t but I stand by Shakespeare in Love and will defend it forever. That’s actually one of my favourite Christmas movies because it came out at Christmas. It was beautifully written, it was beautifully shot, it was beautifully acted. Am not sorry for this opinion. (Cele|bitchy) 

I am very impressed with the person who was able to identify Conan O’Brien in this outfit. Or maybe it was his height and gait? (Pajiba) 

Do you, um, ever wonder why Princess Diana’s hair? I mean… I’m as obsessed with her as the next person but her hair was, well, a choice. Actually a choice. (The Cut)