The biggest song of 2019 was, indisputably, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” and all its remixes. So his performance last night was about showcasing all the versions of his track that kept it playing all year long. One of those remixes, of course, was “Seoul Town Road” with BTS. Maybe I’m too much of a fangirl but… like… isn’t that just SO clever? Isn’t that just SO Lil Nas X? That’s been a key to his success – knowing how to play on words, make social media and messaging work for him, being exactly of the moment and able to see the next moment. 

As I wrote last week, Lil Nas X has disrupted the industry, just as BTS continues to disrupt the industry, as hard as the industry has tried to ignore the band’s influence while relying on its influence for clout. 

BTS clearly isn’t as petty as I am because they showed up to the Grammys to do them a favour and, as expected, as predicted, dominated social media activity with their appearance. Their performance with Lil Nas X was the most tweeted about of the night. The second and third most retweeted and liked moments were two selfies. Imagine then how much less traction the Grammys would have had if they weren’t there? 

Imagine how much less… attractive the show would have been? Sometimes more is better – and this is the case with that performance with this band. Because they’re just SO great to look at. I’m not just talking about their looks, although we’ll get to their looks in a minute. What I mean is the collective, how appealing it is when they move together, collectively: precise and loose at the same time. It’s the perfect blend of Eastern aesthetic with Western swagger. 


But now I have a new problem. Because while I remain loyal to Jungkook, Taehyung (aka V) really, really did it for me last night. First with his turtleneck and high waist baggy pants on the carpet and then, Jesus, that bandana and the open shirt on stage. I AM NOT OK. 


It’s his hair. I’m a sucker for hair that flops over like this. 


Stop it. 

Every time I’ve watched this, and I’ve watched it a LOT, I feel like covering my face and running away, squealing. 

I just told you – I AM NOT OK.