I’m waiting for someone to look at me the way Lil Nas X looks at Lil Nas X. 

Named one of GQ’s Men of the Year, he’s sharing the cover with himself, showing off the duality of his masculine and feminine energies in a couture photoshoot. In one shot he’s his own arm candy for a black-tie night out and in another he strikes a pose in a gown while also playing the Instagram husband, on the floor to capture a shot from just the right angle. 


In my favourite shot, he’s on the left, dancing in an Atelier Versace suit and holding his hand to the right in a patterned suit by Dolce & Gabbana. The pink/blue juxtaposition is a subtle nod to the gender binary but I also love these traditional menswear pieces featuring softer appliqué details and floral print. And I love love LOVE that double-breasted suits are back again. We’ve seen Nas in a lot of cropped jackets and more feminine silhouettes, but he looks hella good in a classic standard as well. 


Lil Nas X is kind of a no brainer for Man of the Year, right? In addition to pushing the gay agenda (read: acceptance), he beat one-hit-wonder limitations by earning not one but two more #1 songs of the Billboard Hot 100. He’d also have a #1 debut album to his name if he didn’t drop Montero just two weeks after Drake’s Certified Lover Boy. Speaking with GQ, Nas reveals that Drake declined to collaborate on a track for his album. Every artist he reached out to while recording Montero agreed to a feature, except for Nicki Minaj (who he previously said declined to be on “Industry Baby”) and Drake (who he wanted on a track called “Dolla Sign Slime” which also features Megan Thee Stallion). Did Drake want to avoid being on a track with a gay rapper? Probably. But I can also give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he didn’t want to be included on a flop album by an (at the time) one-hit-wonder who people viewed as someone who makes kids music. Maybe he didn’t want to have his first collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion on someone else’s song. Maybe he didn’t want to give his clout to someone he doesn’t know — any song Drake hops on gets extra attention. Or maybe… Drake just didn’t like the song? “Dolla Sign Slime” is not one of my favourites. 


There’s not a whole lot of meat in this GQ piece — although I appreciate the pretty pictures. But he doesn’t really have a lot to promote. Nas is happy and thriving in some downtime after a successful year, especially after some of the darker topics explored on his album, which dropped in September. He does however talk a little bit about boys. “Not to be a whore or anything,” as he says but he’s not looking for anyone who needs his time right now. He doesn’t want the responsibility of a relationship because he’s in love with his work right now. There was a guy earlier this year, but as he reveals, “I like to go missing for like a week to focus…not talk to anyone and focus on myself,” which is not helpful to a healthy relationship — so it ended. He’s actually going very public with that ex, Yai Ariza, on tomorrow’s episode of MAURY. Yeah. I don’t know what to expect but the teaser is full of MAURY-isms and infamous trash daytime TV tropes. Yai played Nas’s love interest in his “That’s What I Want” music video, so this bizarre Maury Povich cross promotion is like the continuation of that fictional story. It’s hilarious and ludicrous and it’s exactly why he’s Man of the Year.