I’ve been sleeping on Lily Rabe’s style – and that’s a mistake. I first realised this last week when I saw her outfit at the Tribeca premiere of her directorial debut Downtown Owl. This dress is amazing on her. 

Director Lily Rabe attends "Downtown Owl" Premiere during the 2023 Tribeca Festival at SVA Theatre on June 08, 2023 in New York City

So then I started poking around at some of her past fits which confirmed… I have missed a LOT. Lily Rabe is a stealth style star. Her choices are interesting and, at least to me, sometimes unexpected. Check out this Thom Browne when she was pregnant in 2021 – SO GOOD!


She looked amazing in this black suit at the premiere of Air a couple of months ago. 

Lily Rabe attends Amazon Studios' world premiere of "AIR" at Regency Village Theatre on March 27, 2023 in Los Angeles, California

And in this gorgeous dress at the premiere of Love & Death last month. 

Because this is all about me, my tour through her previous looks revealed that… well… Lily and I kinda have similar style? I would wear almost everything I’ve seen her wear, including what she wore to the Tonys last night. This is Erdem, it’s unusual and offbeat, giving Joan of Arc and Elizabeth I and Victorian dominatrix? I love it on her, and I’m sorry I didn’t know earlier, but I know now: that Lily Rabe is one to watch on the red carpet. 


But we’ve always known this about Lupita Nyong’o. At the Tony Awards, Lupita wore… herself. Herself as molded by designer Misha Japanwala from Lupita’s body. Lupita shared the intention behind her look on Instagram:

The work is so exquisite I initially thought that she’d had her body painted. Right? Because it looks like flesh, how could there possibly be a “breastplate” which sounds rigid and metallic and unliving – and nothing could be more ALIVE than Lupita in this piece. But that’s why it’s art, right? Here’s another example:


Check out more of Misha Japanwala’s work if you’re in New York.

As for her work on Lupita – I’m writing this before going to the office so I’m not sure if we’ll be covering this today on our shows but I’m curious to see whether or not we’ll be able to show this on television. This is no different than a nude statue at a museum in Europe but I’m sure there’s a pearl-clutcher out there with the time in their day to bitch about Lupita’s outfit if it’s shown without blurring the nipples. Can we ignore the f-cking pearl-clutchers though? Even if they take it upon themselves to “save the children” and escalate the issues and generally try to be as inconvenient as possible, can we ignore these people trying to sound alarm bells about things that are NOT AT ALL alarming?