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Lin-Manuel Miranda was not at the Golden Globes on Sunday because he’s in Puerto Rico, preparing for Hamilton’s opening night on Friday. LMM will be playing Alexander Hamilton again for 3 weeks to raise money and spirits for those affected by Hurricane Maria. If you’d like to make a donation and enter for a chance to win a trip to San Juan to see the closing night performance, please click here

LMM made good news headlines yesterday in another way. 

So that’s what LMM has been doing with his time the last 6 months – oh just rehearsing, and promoting Mary Poppins Returns, and saving a bookstore with his friends and collaborators, and shooting the His Dark Materials series, and working on the soundtrack for the film adaptation of his Tony award winning musical In The Heights, and whatever the f-ck else we just haven’t heard about yet. If there’s a season 2 of 7 Days Out on Netflix, please let there be an episode that shows the 7 Days Out of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work. Maybe it should be every episode of the second season. It’s not like he wouldn’t have that many projects on the go. 

Now for something different – a lot of people were talking yesterday about this article that was published in The Hollywood Reporter about the early 2000s Hollywood party scene as told by a woman called Pantera Sarah, one of the top club promoters at the time, who also shared several exclusive photos from her personal collection. There’s a shot of Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, and Justin Timberlake from 2001 that exactly captures who they were…and perhaps still are: Britney in the middle, smiling wide and unguarded; Ryan on one side of her, sheepish, almost apologetic; and Justin on her other side, chin up, full of his own sh-t. There’s another shot of Heath Ledger and Wes Bentley that will break your heart. And this anecdote about Leonardo DiCaprio that, well, of course: 

Sarah soon graduated to heading up her own nights, where she cultivated all manner of Hollywood, introducing "little sister" Scarlett Johansson to future husband Ryan Reynolds and befriending Heath Ledger ("We would spend many a late night at his house on Catalina") and DiCaprio: "I met Leo at Formosa," she says. "He was a kid. One of the first nights I hung out with him, we were outside and a homeless man was on acid. He was saying weird things. And then we went inside Formosa and Leo adopted the guy's mannerisms and played that character for the rest of the night." 

In the early 2000s Leo would have been almost 30. Even if you want to be generous, in the late 1990s, he would have been in his mid-20s. What happens when you’re that guy who just keeps rising without stumbles, surrounded by sycophants, growing up with people in the same circle, never challenged by an industry that only knows how to say yes to assholes? Do you grow? 

Reminds me of Don’s Plum, that film Leo and Tobey Maguire made that they subsequently tried to bury because they knew they looked like such pricks it could potentially damage their careers. Have you ever seen the handshake scene? It’s here on YouTube. Quick before it gets taken down. “Watch this sh-t”, Leo tells the group as he and Kevin Connolly perform an elaborate greeting. They were young. They killed time coming up with dumbass jokes and finger snapping routines. Is it just me or… can you see this happening, STILL? Click here for the full Pantera Sarah article at THR. 

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