Not sure why I’m noticing so much celebrity swimwear these days, it’s not like I’m wearing any of it. I know it’s possible to go to the beach safely – I’m just not there yet. But maybe the fact that I’m thinking about swimwear means I’m getting closer? Anyway, here’s Lindsey Vonn on a yacht with fiancé PK Subban in Mexico in a really great … one-piece? One-and-a-half piece? Whatever you call it, it’s great. 


Because it’s designed to look like a pretty risky piece of clothing with the high cuts on the side, giving the illusion that it’s just a string up the back. But the band around the hips actually gives a solid amount of ass coverage and the back criss-cross offers a good amount of support too. So I’m pretty sure this piece remains in place and doesn’t move much in and out of the water or when you’re getting up and lying back down. Also, it’s like it has a double personality, with all the flavour of a one-piece and the spirit of a two-piece. Right? And even though it’s doing so much, it doesn’t look like it’s doing too much – not too busy and overloaded with bands and straps. In fact, the lines are pretty clean such that despite the fact that there is for sure construction happening here, it doesn’t come off like a complicated situation. I like it the more I see it. Haven’t owned a white swimsuit since I was a child and haven’t seen one that I’ve wanted as much as this. A lot of people want it because they’re asking her about it on Instagram. If you’re interested, it’s Devon Windsor.


By the way, as she shared on IG a few days ago, Lindsey and PK would have been married by this point but because of the pandemic, this trip is celebrating a year of their engagement: 

She did not mess around with the swimwear supply on this trip. There’s the white one, the red bikini, here’s a black bikini: 

There’s also been a belted one piece and a yellow two piece that you can see in the carousel below: