The BRIT Awards happened in London last night and I’m not talking about anyone else’s fashion other than Lizzo because… LIZZO. Everything Lizzo. All the outfits. But especially when she decided she was a snack. THE snack. Levels, as they say in England. Levels. Lizzo owns all the levels. Lizzo IS the level. 

And we haven’t even gotten to her performance yet. I mean, at this point, if Lizzo is performing at your show, then you know it’s going to be a f-cking show – high energy, all the bops, and the only downside is if you’re the one who’s supposed to follow her. Because who would want to be in that position? 


You know who’s in the best position right now? Harry Styles, Lizzo’s new best friend. It started a couple of months ago, when Harry covered “Juice” on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. This was her response:

And then a few weeks later, at her show in Miami, Harry showed up and they sang “Juice” together:


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Their mutual appreciation continued a couple of days ago when she was on Live Lounge and covered “Adore You”, moaning his name at one point during the song. 

Which brings us to last night and, well, since everybody’s talking about it, they decided to talk about it: 

There’s no better time than a time with Lizzo. Harry was clearly having the best time:


So, yes, Lizzo and Harry Styles, AKA Hizzo is the Internet’s new favourite #squadgoals, not that we’re saying that anymore. You know what I’d like to see though? Lizzo and BTS. Remember when Lizzo heard Boy With Luv for the first time? No? 

Oh, OK, let me show you:


They’re fans of each other because the band has also shared that they are obsessed with her music. 

Thank you for allowing me to work in a BTS mention at least once a day. Bangtan + Lizzo in 2020?