Like many people of my generation, Victorious was a big part of my childhood. The Nickelodeon sitcom followed the lives of talented teenagers who went to an arts school. So it’s always a good day in my book to see a Victorious reunion, and this time around, it’s Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies.


Ariana and Liz’s friendship goes back to when they were 15, both starring in the Broadway musical 13 but their friendship was put on display more while they were on the TV show. This was a given because Nickelodeon was a staple in the media young people consumed at that time. The combination of their show dynamic and their social media presence (they live-streamed, tweeted, and made YouTube videos together) made their friendship #BestFriendGoals for people my age at the time. So you could imagine the wave of nostalgia while watching them sing together again.


All these years and they still got that Ari and Liz dynamic duo magic. Their choice to sing “I’ll Cover You” from the musical Rent is just proof that they’re still musical theatre kids, there’s always a mic around. I will always remember their performance of “Give It Up” in Victorious as the moment I realized Ariana and Liz can SING sing. I vividly remember wondering why Ariana Grande didn’t have more solos in the show when her voice sounded like that. It’s a nice full circle moment to see them sing together in 2022 since they’ve both been able to cultivate successful careers. 

Look how cute they were!



Although this reunion is long overdue (Liz’s caption says it's been over two years!), I’m sure it was due to busy schedules in addition to the pandemic. Liz has Dynasty and Ariana is working on her beauty line r.e.m. beauty and just wrapped up on The Voice as a coach a few months ago and is prepping for her role as Glinda in the upcoming Wicked movie adaptation. Now that we’ve seen them reunite, fans are hopeful that this may mean more frequent Ari and Liz content for the future (I am fans).