Here’s Kristen Stewart at the airport heading out of LA on the Fourth of July. Her personal life has been quiet lately, not since she was seen several times with Stella Maxwell after the Met Gala after presumably breaking up with Sara Dinkin. On the professional front, the first Charlie’s Angels trailer was released last week and was generally well-received. 

I like it the more I watch it. I especially like the nod to Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz – did you see the costumes in the closet? 


That’s the suit from the race track scene:


And the milkmaid dress from the yodeling scene:


You think there’s going to be a cameo? Will Drew, Lucy, and Cam show up for the premiere? Sony is releasing Charlie’s Angels in November and earlier this week, Scott Mendelson at Forbes wondered about its box office prospects as November is a big month for big holiday movies, like Frozen 2 and Terminator Dark Fate. Will there be any money left for Charlie’s Angels

Well, for me, between those three, Charlie’s Angels is going to my first choice. That said, perhaps I’m in the minority. I’ve never seen Frozen and I don’t have strong nostalgic attachment to Terminator. Charlie’s Angels, however, is totally my sh-t. And I like the angle they’re taking here because we’re not meeting the three Angels already fully formed as a team. They’re setting up Naomi Scott’s character as an introduction to the team, so a proxy for the audience to understand how Charlie’s Angels works. She is being trained – which means this is a movie about WORK, or at least I’m hoping. The training installments in movies is always my favourite. Think about Divergent, for example, as in the books and the movies. The first book was the best book because we were training with Tris. As soon as the story moved away from Dauntless and Tris’s preparation, the narrative became weaker. Same goes for The Hunger Games – in the first book (and movie), we followed Katniss as she left her district to be taken to the Capitol where she was introduced to the other tributes and they all groomed and coached for the Arena. In Harry Potter, we always went back to Hogwarts. What Elizabeth Banks is doing here, which I’m excited about, is giving us a Charlie’s Angels 101. I’m in. 

I’m also in for Kristen Stewart having this much fun. It’s been a while since we’ve seen her in a not-so-serious movie, a movie that prioritises fun, that shows us this side of her range, flexing some comedy skills and just having a good time. Also, it’s not like she’s never opened big in November.