I’m not trying to start sh-t, seriously. And they’re not even in the same city. But I’m putting them together for the sake of economy – one post for two great outfits. Let’s start with Lori Harvey and a professional update. 


It was announced last week that Lori has signed with IMG Models and WME. On the IMG side, she’ll be working with the agency on fashion editorial work, and also building out her lifestyle brand. With WME, it’ll be acting and producing opportunities. All of this tracks with what was being reported following her breakup with Michael B. Jordan at the beginning of the summer. It’s not like the love wasn’t there but apparently it was MBJ who was ready to take their relationship to the next (serious) stage while Lori, who is 25 years old, had other priorities… like her career. And, clearly, this is what she’s been working on. 

Lori entered the scene, undeniably, because of her father, Steve Harvey. She became famous, undeniably, because of who she’s dated. Going forward though, she obviously wants to be successful on her own terms, not by association to anyone else. 


So here she is, in LA last night after having dinner with a girlfriend, and the standout here with the fit is the jeans, specifically the cut of the jeans, and how they look over a pair of orange platforms. Trying to decide what this is, exactly. Are they straight leg jeans or are they dad jeans? They look like dad jeans from the front but on the view from the side, they look a little more tapered than how a dad cut usually falls. Whatever it is, she’s serving the sh-t out of these, but I’m not sure it works quite as well without the height of the shoes – and that’s my problem because I’m trying to live the rest of my life without wearing jeans with heels ever again…and with my height limitations, these jeans might not be for me. 

To Rocky who was seen in New York shooting a video in a sweatshirt over a leather skirt – it’s not the first time we’ve seen him in a skirt, Rocky’s been in skirts for editorials, all kinds of skirts of different lengths, and always looking amazing; the skirt is not new for him. What really raises the bar here is the footwear. Rocky’s paired his skirt not with boots or sneakers, but with a pair of leather clogs and socks. This is where he sets himself apart from all the other famous male skirt models we’ve seen lately. Skirts and sneakers? Skirts and boots? Entry level. It’s almost safe at this point. Skirts and clogs? That’s Rocky territory, a much higher degree of difficulty and so f-cking good.