The couple of 2021, so far, Lori Harvey and Michael B Jordan, celebrated their first Valentine’s Day together this past weekend. I appreciate that Lori did not share what they did with us until yesterday, until after the night was over, which tells me that even though she documented *some* details, she also spent a lot of time with her phone down, enjoying the night of romance that MBJ had planned for her. Including the private after-party for two, which is better left to my imagination. 


Let’s focus on what we do know for sure then – MBJ took over an aquarium so that they could have dinner together, just the two of them, with the turtles. “Turtle” of course is MBJ’s nickname for Lori. 

There were rose petals everywhere. And some jewellery. And candles. And the hotel room was also loved out with the same. Oh, and one more thing: 


Stocks in Hermes. 

Because the flowers will die and the candles will go out, but investments are… well… forever. 

Speaking of forever though, this has been, what? A couple of months since they went public, maybe six months max since they’ve been together. In that time there’s been Thanksgiving, the holidays, both their birthdays and it has been ALL OUT. Not that I’m complaining because I love this show. I just want this show to keep going. You don’t blow all your great story ideas in the first three episodes, you know? 

Or maybe that’s an old, jaded mind talking. Maybe love in the time of Instagram is about seizing the day, doing the most all the time, each day and every day. That is, clearly, the love language of Lori and MBJ.