Jennifer Lawrence and husband Cooke Maroney stepped out in New York the other day for lunch. They’re about a month away from celebrating their first wedding anniversary after a short engagement. The two have been rarely, if ever, seen since the pandemic started earlier this year… but that’s kinda been the case with JLaw even before COVID-19. She’d been pretty low-key for at least 18 months, taking time away from acting, taking time away from the spotlight, doing what’s often difficult for celebrities: making people miss you. Or maybe, more accurately, not worrying about whether or not people will miss you. I wonder then if life during lockdown was less of a sharp transition for Jennifer. Obviously it would be hard not to see family and friends but in terms of day-to-day staying off the grid, at least from a celebrity perspective, she knows how. 


If not for the global health crisis though, Jennifer would have been busier. She shot a film last summer with Lila Neugebauer called Red, White, and Water about a soldier reacclimating to life after serving in Afghanistan and sustaining a head injury that’s due out next year. She was also supposed to start working on Adam McKay’s new comedy, Don’t Look Up, which would be her second collaboration with Adam because they’ve been developing the Elizabeth Holmes feature, Bad Blood, for quite some time. At the beginning of the year, at least to me, it seemed like the script wasn’t in shape yet. If we’ve learned anything though, what COVID has done is given people more time to write. Maybe that means the Bad Blood screenplay is close now? 

To go back to Jen and Cooke’s anniversary and their wedding a year ago – still no official, good quality shots of that wedding dress. She hasn’t shared it publicly and, at this point, perhaps she never will. That also makes her an exception.