As you’ve seen and heard, Taylor Swift has kept a very low profile all year. She performed Super Bowl weekend as part of her deal with AT&T but since then been pretty quiet on social media and the paps haven’t been able to find her. To her advantage though, even in her absence, it’s like she’s still around, because everyone’s wondering what she’s doing, what she’s planning, when she’ll be back. Which doesn’t suck where she’s concerned – to not be forgotten, to have confirmation that you can’t be forgotten? It’s good publicity. And it’s free. It’s also why, sometimes, it’s good work to NOT show your work.

Taylor, it turns out, was in Nashville this weekend visiting her ma, Andrea, for Mother’s Day. TMZ has the exclusive photos. Fans who’ve tracked the tail number of the plane have observed that she flew in from LA on Saturday. Not that this tells us much of anything. Taylor spending time with family on Mother’s Day isn’t much of a revelation. Her hair looks to be the same length it was in February. She’s dressed super casually so I’m assuming they didn’t have any guests over. Other than that, everything else is still a question mark. Which is great. Mysteries are great. Taylor Swift is learning how to be a mystery. To be a mystery though, you need buy-in from everyone else. And few people have that influence. Taylor Swift has managed it so far within her circle.