Jeremy Renner is app-less now. But he is, apparently, doing some kind of lumberjack thing with Amazon? Wait, no. I think it’s…fishing? F-ck, I don’t know, I looked at the page once and ran away because I don’t want to live that life. People need to stop telling me that I would love camping. I’ve been once. It’s horrible, I don’t have the character for it, sorry. Renner Camping and Supplies isn’t being received all that well, but now Lumberjack Renner now has a bigger problem: a custody battle. His fans, as we’ve established, are maybe not the most well-adjusted people. If only they had an app where they could discuss this. (Dlisted) 

Social media is creating all kinds of new dynamics in relationships with friends and family. This is a not a revelation or a new observation – the point is we’re seeing it play out in real time, from asking your friends for photo approval to agreeing on what to post and what not to post from your trip to wherever. There are some issues that are just developing too. The kid whose trip to the dentist was documented on Facebook ten years ago is now a teenager. Maybe he’s pissed about how many people have seen him throw a tantrum at the dentist’s. Maybe he’s holding a grudge over the video his parents posted of him being toilet trained. These kids now have social media accounts of their own and they’re making it clear to their parents what they do and don’t want out there. Like Kate Hudson’s son, who’s probably joking, maybe, but still. Celebrities are just as thirsty as the rest of us on the internet. And now they have to figure out the parameters around their content and their kids. (Cele|bitchy) 

This is the first Tory Burch collection I’ve loved in a long time. There are a lot of printed, bold sack dresses with layering and flaps – totally my jam. I just wish they didn’t drop “Princess Diana” into it. If some people saw Diana in the clothes, fine. But to invoke the name… I don’t know…I mean I see it, I just wish I could have come to the same conclusion without them telling me. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Apparently we’re going to be seeing a lot more gold chains on men in the coming months and we can blame Jake Gyllenhaal for it. (Pajiba) 

What does the woman who pops pimples for a living use on her skin so that she doesn’t have to pop her own pimples? Dr Pimple Popper, Sandra Lee, shares her skincare routine. A big part of my skincare routine is the delivery of my ma’s soups and teas every weekend. This week, because I haven’t slept and I get dehydrated, she made me apple bone broth with all kinds of herbs and roots. For me, it works. (Harpers Bazaar)