Joshua Jackson and Lupita Nyong’o were at the Janelle Monae concert together on Wednesday night. TMZ has the photos. Joshua, as we know, is recently single; Jodie Turner-Smith filed for divorce at the beginning of the month. I mean, the light isn’t great in these pictures so it’s hard to say for sure but they both look VERY good. The story isn’t over, though. 


TMZ says that Josh and Lupita were among a big group of friends and there was no indication that it was anything but friendly between them. These two have known each other a while. Here’s a photo of them from back in 2018 when Joshua was performing alongside Lauren Ridloff in Children of a Lesser God. Angela Bassett and director Kenny Leon were there, too. 

Joshua Jackson, Lupita Nyong'o, Kenny Leon, Angela Bassett and Lauren Ridloff pose backstage at the new revival of the play "Children of a Lesser God" on Broadway at Studio 54 Theatre on April 1, 2018 in New York City

Still, there was a reaction yesterday when TMZ published this story. Everyone was wondering… could this be the beginning of a new Hollywood romance? 

But then Lupita made an announcement. 


She doesn’t name the person who she can “no longer trust”, the man who broke her heart and ended their “love suddenly and devastatingly […] by deception”. But she went IG official back in December 2022 with Selema Masekela and was just posting about his birthday back in August. So she’s putting him on blast, basically telling everyone that he betrayed her and that it’s over between them. And the timing of it, just hours after TMZ’s story about her going to the concert with Joshua – is it a clarification? Like, don’t get it twisted, I am not dating Josh, because I’m not ready to date yet, because I’m in pain, because Selema f-cked me over. 

It's one of the most dramatic rumour denials I can remember. Like she’s not just shutting down any speculation about her and Josh, she’s also alchemising everyone’s gossip thirst from that potential situation into gossip anger at the dumbass who lost her. 

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