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A quick note before we get to the Tiger today. Some of you have been emailing to ask about how the years and the elements (Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, Metal) have been lining up to the signs of the Chinese Zodiac because you’ve seen it listed differently elsewhere. I asked my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, about this. She has a response which Duana and I discuss on the new episode of Show Your Work that will be posted later today. The discussion happens at the beginning of the podcast and, somehow, Duana was able to relate ma’s work to Hermione Granger. 

My mother was born a Tiger. As mentioned when the Dragon advisory was posted last week, Tigers and Dragons are similar in the volatility of their luck. When Tigers and Dragons are on a lucky streak, the results can be spectacular. Those highs, however, are often balanced by some equally spectacular lows. This is the destiny of Tigers and Dragons. In that sense, they are the divas of the Chinese zodiac. Tom Cruise is a Tiger. Think of his highs. There have been many and they have, indeed, been outrageously brilliant. Think also though of his lows. He’s been in some deep sh-t, and rather publicly too. 

Tigers often inspire jealousy. Consider its role in the animal kingdom. The Tiger is one of the most accomplished predators. The Tiger sits at the top of the food chain. Those attributes are reflected in its zodiac profile. The Tiger has major swagger. This can invite envy. 

During the Year of the Dog, the Tiger may serve as a luck transfer. It is the Tiger who could be bringing the luck to everyone else which might make the Tiger very popular. But even though the Tiger is the luck carrier, Tigers themselves may not keep much of it. This might be a break-even year. Which isn’t bad. If this is the case, you should not complain. Breaking even is better than losing. And if luck sees that you’re the kind who complains about staying steady (ie ungrateful), it might not be motivated to come around and reward you next time. Manage your expectations this year. 

There are 3 lucky stars helping the Tiger this year. But a Fire star is among them. Since the Fire is expected to be very strong during the Year of the Dog, summer Tigers in particular must be mindful of heart health and blood pressure and be careful driving.  

1950 Wood Tigers – a lot of activity going on this year. Ma actually said that Tigers born this year will be “popular with fans”. She’s a 1950 Tiger. I think she was talking about herself but I’m not entirely sure who her fans are. Tigers of 1950 enjoy the best of finances of all Tigers during the Year of the Dog. 

1962 Metal Tiger – be cautious, because you might experience quick gains that will disappear just as quickly if you don’t protect them. Your wins are precious. You must appreciate them.  

1974 Water Tiger – there may be some side hustle opportunity for you during the Year of the Dog. Your luck runs along your nose during this period. If there is a bend in your nose, if your nose isn’t entirely straight, or if you have a narrow nose, celebrate a big birthday. (If you have no idea whether or not your nose is straight or bent or narrow or not, just celebrate a big birthday anyway. Chinese people have really weird ideas about what’s in a “good” nose. This is why I’ve had nose self-consciousness my whole life. My nose is considered “hooked”. Here’s a side profile.) 

1986 Fire Tiger – follow the rules and avoid shortcuts. Everything on the up and up this year, do not mess around in the shade. Female Tigers born this year are advised to look after their physical and mental health. 

1998 Earth Tiger – study hard, put time into your reading and learning. You will soon be able to take advantage of your preparations. 

Tigers and Dogs generally get along well. So relationships for Tigers should be stable this year. But Tigers can be moody and unpredictable. Consider your behaviour during arguments. Fire is the strongest element this year and minor disagreements can be easily fueled. Since Tigers already have fiery dispositions, this may be an especially explosive year for you. It is recommended that Tigers get a full checkup at the beginning of the year and hydrate well and eat sensibly. Stress reduction should be a priority. Reduce meat intake if possible. Swim. And no driving red cars if you can. 

In February and March, remember to see the doctor and get that physical. In May and June, stay guarded at work. If you are careless you may wear the blame and bring on legal problems. From May to August, be extra vigilant. Cannot stress enough that Tigers must really watch the Fire this year. Practise restraint during the Year of the Dog. Control your temper. Tigers, no matter their individual elements, can add to a Fire. And this is already a potentially unstable year. 

It’s not a bad idea for Tigers to be a part of festive, happy occasions this year. Go to parties, celebrate, especially in July and August. There’s a Chinese expression: one celebration can block three calamities. Bad luck knows where it’s not welcome. 

On tomorrow’s playlist: the Ox. 

Yours in gossip,