As we know, SAG-AFTRA finally confirmed yesterday afternoon that the actors would indeed be going on strike alongside the writers. As the announcement was made midday west coast time, the time technicality worked for those who were trying to get in some last minute promotion before packing it up. That applies to Oppenheimer, which Sarah addressed in the open today, and it also applies to the cast of Barbie, also in London yesterday. And they managed to squeak in one more appearance before standing down. 


To be clear, a work stoppage means no appearances, interviews, and probably social media posts -anything in support of any projects, and certainly no projects made with major studios. Barbie is a Warner Bros. film, so this really should be Margot Robbie’s last look as Barbie until they reach a resolution. As Sarah also noted earlier, right now, given the temperature of the situation, and how f-cking pissed Fran Drescher sounded yesterday, that doesn’t seem like it’ll be any time soon. 

So let’s enjoy this last Barbie look from Margot to cap off one of the most brilliantly styled press tours in recent memory. 


There’s no direct Barbie archive reference here but the Barbie spirit is obviously there in the colour scheme and what I personally love about it, so much (which is why this outfit might be in my top three overall – and this is saying something considering what we’ve seen!), is that there are some Asian vibes to this Vivienne Westwood look. It’s giving cherry blossoms and cheongsams – an interpretation without being an exact copy. And THE SHOES. 

I don’t think these are available yet, because I’ve already been looking, naturally, but if you’re looking for a pink platform, it doesn’t get much better than these. 

A toast, then, and once again, to Andrew Mukamal, Margot’s stylist. Because the work he’s done with her wardrobe on this press tour has been a relentless and uncompromising slay, to the point that I almost feel attacked! This was a style assault in the best way! And if The Hollywood Reporter is still doing their annual ranking next year of the top stylists in the business, Andrew should be right up there at the top. Also, because I’m petty like that, ahem… Chanel was kept off the carpet.