At the start of this award season, no one would have predicted that it would be Brad Pitt coming through with the best speeches, but here we are now as week after week, on his way to his first acting Oscar, which he will 100% win next Sunday for his performance in Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood, he’s the one who’s killing it up at the podium, even when he’s not actually at the podium. 

Brad couldn’t make the BAFTAs because of “family commitments”. Interesting since, you know. So Margot Robbie delivered his speech instead. And, once again, the jokes were precise, the punchlines nailing the bullseye, even when delivered by someone else, through a fellow actor, of course. You’re not going to waste that kind of writing by having Quentin Tarantino say those lines, right? 


I’ve been wondering for weeks about whether or not Brad Pitt’s been working with a writer for this non campaign campaign – and if so (I totally believe it) who it might be. And whether or not, come Sunday, when the trophy is finally in hand, whether or not he’ll do a public unveiling of the person’s identity, give them some credit, if they exist. The MiniVan Majority can handle it. It won’t take away from the Brad infatuation – and definitely not the way it would if it were, say, a woman was outsourcing her quips. But hey, he hasn’t been campaigning for this, remember? 

But that’s the reveal I’m most interested in… despite the fact that, obviously, the whole world is hoping for the romantic kind, as in the Jennifer Aniston kind. The Academy should be announcing more presenters this week. And if her name is on the list, a whole new round of anticipation and conspiracy theorising will be before us. If I’m the Academy, I’m desperately trying to make this happen – because JLo just served them with a “suck it”.