I’m not talking about Margot Robbie losing the Oscar to Frances McDormand. We knew that was going to happen. I’m talking about her dress. This weekend, Lainey wrote that Margot’s bold look at the Spirit Awards must have meant that she was gearing up to “serve it at the Oscars.” The only thing Margot is serving in this dress is some runny egg whites with a side of stale toast. It’s basic AF. It looks like a contestant on The Bachelor’s wedding dress. It’s disappointing because we know Margot can do so much better. 

I don’t have anything nice to say about her look at the Vanity Fair party either so I’ll just move on. Oh, I like the clutch that looks like a wrecking ball so there’s that. 

Margot Robbie may have ended her awards season on a low fashion note but she’s coming out of this season STRONG professionally. She was a producer on I, Tonya and took her movie all the way to the Oscars. It was really sweet how proud of Allison Janney she was – as a producer and as a friend. Next, Margot’s got Mary Queen of Scots with Saoirse Ronan and if it all goes well, she’ll be back at the Oscars for that performance. 

So, don’t feel bad for Margot Robbie, 27, that her white dress paled in comparison to the white dress that Jane Fonda, 80, was serving the sh-t out of.