It’s yacht season, celebrities are on holiday, and many of them have been seen in Italy and or the South of France. This is not where we find Cara Delevingne, her sister Poppy, Sienna Miller, and Margot Robbie. They’re still on the water but they’ve chosen Formentera, Spain instead, and were seen together on the beach after leaving a restaurant the other day. 


Cara and Sienna have been friends a long time, have partied together for a long time. As for Margot, while she hasn’t been a regular in that circle – at least not publicly – and she’s not gossiped about the way Cara and Sienna have been, it doesn’t mean she wasn’t part of that London scene. She said herself that she and her British husband, Tom Ackerley, shared a house with several other people in Clapham in the mid-2010s and it’s been described as a wild time…which is how a lot of people spend their 20s. I often forget that she’s only 32 years old, around-ish the same age as Cara, although it doesn’t seem like that on reputation. The point is, there’s a strong London connection here that they’ve taken to Spain as Margot enjoys some time off after working on the Barbie movie for months. Principal production wrapped in mid-July and the film is due out next summer but it doesn’t mean there’s a lot of downtime for Margot in the coming months. She stars in three highly anticipated films from three big name directors expected to be released soon. David O. Russell’s Amsterdam is due out in November. Damien Chazelle’s Babylon is due out at Christmas, and given the reputation of the directors and the casts involved, there are awards possibilities for both. And Margot is also part of the ensemble in Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City. That film is in post and it was confirmed a few weeks ago that Focus Features and Universal will be handling distribution. No release date has been set yet but, again, given the people involved in this one (a huge cast that includes Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, and Wes Anderson regulars like Tilda Swinton, Ed Norton, and Jeffrey Wright), this, too, is a high-profile project. Like, for Margot, all of that builds towards the Barbie blockbuster. It’s going to be an impressive run over the next 12 months for her. 

So here she is, in a Chanel bucket hat, hanging out with Cara who’s wearing denim shorts with ass-holes (ha!) over a one-piece swimsuit. I must be losing it because… I kinda LOVE this look.