Margot Robbie wore pink Chanel last week to the Golden Globes and according to some, including me, it was an underwhelming choice. The Margot + Chanel combination has been underwhelming since the partnership started – and it becomes that much more obvious whenever she wears non-Chanel pieces, like the Valentino gown she had on for the London premiere of Babylon. Basically at this point the rule is that if Margot shows up in a bomb look, it probably is NOT Chanel. 


And that was the case at the Babylon premiere in Australia this weekend. You knew immediately at first glance that this silver-blue body-con dress could not possibly be Chanel. She looked too good in it for it to be Chanel. And good is an understatement. This is spectacular. And a body-con dress isn’t usually my aesthetic. But the fit on Margot here is undeniable. 

It’s Versace – an updated throwback. Here’s Carla Bruni in 1995 wearing the original: 

Carla Bruni attends the Versace High Fashion Show at the Ritz Hotel on January 13,1995 in Paris, France

As you can see, the material and the neckline are the same. Carla’s version was more of a slip-dress. On Margot they’ve given it more structure, tightened the bodice, and adjusted around the hip area so that the ruching has a wrap effect. Then the addition of the red lace along the slit. It’s better suited to her proportions and her general style energy. Versace is leaning hard into what Margot Robbie can do on a red carpet – it makes a huge difference and it illuminates, perhaps, why the Chanel occasions are such a style bummer. Because Chanel just doesn’t seem to get her style personality. Or is trying to change it? 

It's a mystery the internet and Margot’s fans seem to be preoccupied with. It’s a mystery to me why this wasn’t the Globes dress. Probably contractual – ambassadorships like hers always come with stipulations for the most high profile events. In this case, Australia won. Margot went home in her best look of the season so far.