Near the end of last year, as Margot Robbie started promoting Babylon, she seemed to have found her style groove again. As I wrote back in November, all the looks she’d been serving – and they were really, really good looks – were NOT Chanel, which made all the difference. 


Chanel works for some people. Chanel works great for Kristen Stewart, for example. But if you’ve been visiting this site for a while, you know – ever since Margot became a Chanel ambassador in 2018, I’ve been writing about how underwhelming the partnership has been. Turns out this isn’t a club of one. 

Margot wore a semi-custom pink Chanel gown to the Golden Globes the other night. A different version of the dress was originally presented on the runway in black, with sheer sleeves, extended black cuffs, and no belt. For Margot, the dress was modified: they switched the colour, took off the sleeves, and added some extra material across the chest for modesty, and put in a waistband.


In my opinion, the black version is WAY better. From black to pink = from special to basic. And the fashion feedback hasn’t been positive… 

…because of the contrast. When Margot isn’t in Chanel, it’s almost always a slamdunk. She’s giving us an example just two days later. 


Margot was in London last night for the Babylon premiere and she looks amazing in this front-cape Valentino with an open back:

Margot Robbie attends the UK Premiere of "BABYLON" at BFI IMAX Waterloo on January 12, 2023 in London, England

There was another event after the premiere – for that Margot stayed in red, changing into an oversized Bottega Veneta leather jacket with matching pants over a pair of cognac boots. SO F-CKING GOOD. But the double shot of red highlights, yet again, the difference in Margot’s style power when she’s in Chanel and when she’s not in Chanel. There just doesn’t seem to be any chemistry between her and the brand.