As Sarah just noted in her Afterparty post, tomorrow is the deadline – we could know by tomorrow if a new deal is not reached whether or not the actors will be on strike alongside the writers. And if that really is the case, one of the most anticipated red carpets of the year, if not the most anticipated premiere red carpet of the year, will not happen. That, of course, is Barbie. 


Not that that’s stopping Barbie promotion, of course. I mentioned yesterday that there was a fan event in Toronto with the Kenadians and here are Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu yesterday handling the Canadian leg of the global press tour dressed appropriately in Barbie pastels. 


Over in Australia, Margot Robbie and her stylist Andrew Mukamal are continuing to do the most with her Barbie wardrobe. As noted in my post yesterday about her Barbie fashion, Andrew has been taking inspiration from actual Barbie outfits. It’s not like there’s no shortage of Barbie looks over the years, it’s just a matter of being able to find the actual human clothes to match. So check out what he did here:


A strapless white and black bandage dress, Hervé Leger of course, and a wavy ponytail that was taken from Barbie’s bodysuit from 1959 (swipe to the second photo in the carousel above). And it’s all the way down to the accessories:

Barbie’s bodysuit from 1959 

This is SO good. And SO MUCH FUN. For a stylist, no doubt, it’s hard work…but also a dream, right? To dress Barbie in Barbie?! Come on! 

Margot was also seen today in a white strawberry print halter dress and so far Andrew hasn’t posted the details behind this look but I mean, look at her, anyone can see this too is giving Barbie, it’s just a matter of seeing which doll from what year led him to this fit. There’s are several more Barbie events to come in Sydney. Can’t wait to see what else Margot and Andrew have planned.